Plumbing Jobs

plumbing jobsIntroduction: One of the most crucial parts of any residential or commercial building involves pipes and other related fixtures. Nearly all buildings from high rise offices and apartments to industrial plants rely on some sort of piping for a variety of purposes. The need to hire a plumber in most cases has to do with water and sanitation needs. In addition to that, piping is also used for heating and cooling by carrying steam, liquids, and gases throughout a building. Plumbers aren’t only involved during the construction phase. Their work also includes routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and other related work. Plumbers also need to have knowledge of closely related work, including electrical work in order to perform their jobs fully and safely.

Plumbing Careers:

Depending on the size of city or town, plumbing jobs can vary from month long routine maintenance assignments to house calls in rural areas. Plumbing is one trade that has a lot of variation in the type of work that can be performed. As such, people qualified for plumber jobs must have detailed knowledge about state and local building codes. They also need to know about closely related areas, including electrical work and general construction practices in order to function effectively. In order to find a plumbing job, applicants must go through an apprenticeship program. This may last up to five years and includes paid on job training. Additionally, a minimum of 246 hours of technical training must be completed. In most states, plumbers are required to be licensed before they can start working independently. For licensing, applicants must pass an exam and have at least 2 years of work experience.

Plumbing Contractors:

Plumbing contractors generally find work in the plumbing and sanitation sector, followed by the heating and air conditioning industries. Most plumbers prefer to work with other contractors and provide their services as part of a package. However, there are many examples of plumbers who have made it big on their own, offering individual services to homeowners or businesses. Part of the work environment for plumbers calls for accessing tight spaces such as basements or attics. In some cases, a plumber’s work may also take them to the rooftop or outdoors where water storage or septic tanks are located. During emergency calls, plumbers often have to work outdoors in bad weather in order to prevent or stop leaks and flooding. Plumbing careers also mean working evenings, nights, and weekends. This is because most repair and maintenance work is usually carried out after the work day is over.

Find a Plumbing Job:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for qualified plumbers is expected to grow by 12 percent over the next 8 years. Most of this demand is fueled by new construction and renovation on older plumbing systems. A large amount of renovations in factories and power plants is also increasing the demand for qualified plumbers. In order to take advantage of this growth, you can log on to You will find a listing of the latest jobs available in your area, and you can easily apply online.