Lengthening the Life of Plumbers Tools

Plumbers Tools

Battery Press Toolkit

A battery press toolkit is one investment that hopefully you won’t have to make more than a few times over the course of your career. If it stops functioning properly, ALWAYS check the battery first. These is the least expensive option and the most common cause. Just like a phone battery, power tool battery can be overcharged. This leads to a shorter battery life over time. It is easy to “just plug it in overnight” but the more frequently this is done, the less life the battery will hold.

These toolkits should be stored with the battery out of them. This prevents the tool from “accidentally” turning on when no one is looking. Each model is a bit different, so do not assume that what was good for your last toolkit will be good for this one. If the unit gets wet, be sure to dry it immediately to avoid crossed or corroded wires.

Threading Machine

Many seasoned plumbers remember what it was like to thread pipes manually. Now, a threading machine will save time and headaches. With a machine that can run upwards of $6,500, you will want it to last as long as possible. Dirt and grime are enemy #1. They can build up on the metal surfaces and rapidly wear even hardened steel. It is best to limit the amount of foreign material which makes it to the machine. This means wiping off pipes and cleaning materials prior to using the threader on them. Excessive dirt can cause the die head to bind up, as can oil contamination.

Alignment may go out on these machines, especially after long periods of use. This will lead to poor threading. Luckily, this is easy enough to check. Turn the machine off then place the material into the chuck. Close the die head and bring the two together. If the material does not touch the die segments at the same time, it means the alignment is off. Portable threaders are smaller, but should have the same care given to them.

There is nothing worse than being about to complete a job and having a vital piece of equipment go out. By treating each and every tool as if it is a $2,000 tool, the lifetime of each can be extended. This saves not only money on the tool, but time, which also equals money. When in doubt, check with the manufacturer for recommended maintenance procedures.