Utah Plumbing Jobs

If you are looking for Utah plumbing jobs, you need to have a Utah license from the Licensing board regulations to perform any type of a professional plumbing job.

You can choose to go for any of these types of plumbing licenses in Utah for an apprentice, a journeyman plumber, a residential journeyman plumber, a master plumber license, and a residential master plumber. The state of Utah has its plumber licenses administered by the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

When you want to work as an apprentice plumber, you must be at least 18 years of age as well as have a high school diploma or GED. You should be also prepared to work in the areas of installations, repairs, and water sprinkler services under plumbing services. As an apprentice plumber, you will need to work under the direction of a master plumber.

If you want to become a journeyman plumber, you should complete at least 8,000 hours and 4 years of apprentice training and have worked under a master plumber and his supervision. As a residential journeyman plumber, you would need to complete a minimum of 6,000 hours of training and work under a master plumber as well.

A master plumber is a supervisory plumber. If you want to become a master plumber, you will need to have firstly a journeyman license along with 4,000 hours of experience as a supervisor. As a master plumber, you should be able to perform a variety of commercial and residential plumbing services. Also, you don’t need any supervision as a master plumber.

You can look forward to Utah plumbing salaries on an annual basis to range between $29,920 and $74,480.

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