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South Carolina plumbing jobs are abundant, and we bring you the latest ones online.

To get a plumbing license in South Carolina, you must submit a completed Residential Plumbing license application with a documentation of an SC Mechanical Contractors license else the Master plumbing exam from the Municipal Association.

If you want to be a handyman, as per the classification of Residential Specialty Contractor, you don’t need a license to work in the state of South Carolina. But you will however need to register with the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. A qualified handyman can easily tackle smaller projects that don’t require licensing as well as electrical and plumbing jobs that don’t need licensing. They can also install a toilet but not really changing the lines.

Whichever area you wish to focus on, you can note that the average salary for a plumber is $21.35 per hour in the state of South Carolina. The annual South Carolina plumbing salaries ranges typically between $46,714 and $61,445. This salary range can depend on the city and some important factors such as education, skills, experience, and certifications.

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