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If you are interested in Maine plumbing jobs, then look no further. We at list plumbing jobs in Maine from verified employers all over the state.

While there are no requirements to become an entry level plumber, you must note that it will need you to have a Master plumbers license with at least 2000 hours or 1 year of work experience in the plumbing as well as installation areas. Else if you wish to be licensed journeyman plumber you need at least 8000 hours or 4 years of work experience in the installations for plumbing as a licensed trainee plumber.

The statutory requirements for getting a license as a trainee or apprentice plumber, journeyman plumber, journeyman-in-training, as well as master plumber are set by the Maine Office of Licensing & Registration Plumbers examining board. You can get copies of Maine State Internal Plumbing Code, through the IAPMO site or call them at 1-800-85-IAPMO. Also, any trainee plumber must be at least 16 years of age to own a trainee plumber license. If you however wish to become a journeyman, you will need to undergo a journeyman-in-training license or a journeyman plumber license and must pass the journeyman plumber exam.

An average wage in Maine for plumbers is $24.61 per hour. But Maine plumbing salaries also vary as per seniority. A top level of plumber can begin earning from $33.04 per hour and $68,730. A senior level plumber can earn $28.65 and an yearly salary of $59,590, where as a mid-level plumber can earn $24.56 and an yearly salary of $51,090. If you are a junior plumber, you can have an hourly wage of $20.31 and yearly salary of $42,250 but if you are just beginning your career in plumbing, it can be $15.12 per hour and yearly $31,450.

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