Illinois Plumbing Jobs

The great state of Illinois is a great place to work as a plumber. There are an abundance of plumbing jobs in Illinois, especially in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. No matter your skill level, there are plenty of opportunities to find great Illinois plumbing jobs.

The state of Illinois has a total employment of over 16,300 plumbers and is one of the best in terms of paying plumbers. The mean hourly wage in this state is a whopping $38.17. In fact, Illinois plumbing salaries are among the best in the nation. A niche job portal like ours gives you a great chance at finding a high paying plumbing job in Illinois. Working in the state of Illinois not only allows you a great lifestyle but also provides you a great income as this state has one of the highest hourly mean wages in America!

We at aim to provide you the most befitting plumbing job according to your needs. We have employers from all over the State who are more than willing to employ diligent, skillful and tenacious plumbing technicians and plumbers. Plumbing job salaries that our employers provide are among the best in the state of Illinois.

So be ready to get the perfect plumbing job and earn as much as $80,000 as annually. Sounds like a dream, right? Visit us at and let us help you in making your dream come true!

We are seeking an Experienced Plumber to join our team!

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Job Description 1. Assist Senior Technicians in diagnosing, providing options,

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